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Ranger Load

Ranger Load is a simple job queuing and data processing system primarily – but not exclusively – for populating test data repositories. Initially developed for ODS systems, Ranger Load is linearly scalable and can support multiple ODS data models or test data repositories through a common, shared data loading architecture. These data streams may be diverse in origin, structure, and format.  The system provides for multistep data processing and supports custom development of business specific steps. The system is extensible via simple scripting mechanism that anyone can develop. The system has successfully been used for importing a wide variety of file formats, including MDF4, HDF5, MTS RPC, ODS (r64) binary data formats, ATFx, generic CSV, user specific custom formats, and (especially) our own White Pine open source format.  This queuing and job processing system provides excellent metrics identifying bottlenecks, failed jobs, individual job status, counts and plots aggregated over various time periods and job types.