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Ranger Product Line

When engineers need tools to manage their data, they turn to White Pine Software Technologies. We are a full-service provider of ASAM ODS applications in North America.

Ranger ODS

A standards based way to package and work with test data for efficient management. Ranger ODS is an ASAM Open Data Services based application for standardized test data management. Ranger ODS ensures that your engineering or scientific data is well organized and accessible to any ODS compliant commercial product.

Ranger load

A simple but high speed and scalable job queuing and data processing system for populating data repositories safely and securely. Works as a standalone application or integrates with other Ranger products. Ranger load comes with decision support charts and tools for tracking where data is coming from, how much data, and successes and failures by site, cell, job type, and job queue.

Ranger Data (Coming soon)

Integrate Big Data with Test Data Management concepts. Ranger Data applies graph database and search engine technology to extremely large scale data management problems. Utilizing the ASAM ODS Big Data Associate Standard for well defined file structures and data analysis.


Ranger Managed File Transfer is designed to reliably and securely solve the problem of moving large amounts of data around the the enterprise, from test bench to data processing landing zones. Complete with scheduling and audit trail capability, and with a complement of decision support charts for tracking growth and utilization.